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A major brake on economic development in developing countries is the huge shortfall in electricity generating capacity combined with inadequate sources of clean water

Noveal is an international independent turnkey project developer provides a full-service, tailor made Utilities Platform with the power to transform off-grid communities without the need for billion dollar investments in infrastructure. The micro-grid from Noveal provides what we like to call the “glorious trinity” of:

  • a reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly power supply that runs on renewable energy sources
  • clean water, waste treatment and recycling
  • Telecoms (wifi) connectivity

The Noveal Utilities Platform represents a new approach to servicing communities to be energy autonomous and independent of Big Energy suppliers.

By being independent and with an excellent African knowledge, Noveal will always be able to join up with local companies and individuals in order to build expertise and ensuring that each project is highly beneficiary to the communities where our projects are implemented. Noveal deliver in all renewable energy sectors whereas most of our competitors deliver in one sector only. A wind power or a hydro power producer are evidently expert in their own line of products. Evidently their offering will only consist of their own sectors products.

Any project will be scrutinised by the financial expert group for economical validity before technical expertise will be added on. All our partner companies have the same strategy and philosophy as Noveal build upon the fact that correct prising and local involvement is essential for a long term investment in Africa and especially in the rural areas we are targeting.

The platform consists of:

  • Electricity generation from renewable energy sources
  • Storage capacity for uninterrupted electricity supply
  • Water / waste treatment and recycling linked to biogas production and clean incineration.
  • Intelligent lighting for public spaces
  • Centralised control and management

The power to transform

  • Better security from well-lit public spaces with CCTV and centralised monitoring
  • More skills for local operators
  • More job opportunities with increased entrepreneurial activity via wifi
  • Self-sufficient energy capacity that can grow to match increasing demand
  • Health improvements from non-polluting energy, clean water and effective waste treatment
  • More time for education with clean, safe lighting for homework and less time spent collecting water
  • Better access to education via wifi

Noveal works with specialised partners and is entirely independent of Big Energy providers; we are free to propose solutions that are affordable, flexible, tailor-made, locally sourced and sustainable.

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