Smart Mini Grid

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Hybrid Smart Mini Grid Concept

Hybrid  Smart  Mini-Grid is a part of future smart grid representing a cell of several hundreds kW to several MW (e.g. covering villages, residential area or industrial plant) connected or isolated from the national grid. It may include fossil and renewable sources, energy storage and an intelligent distribution system with energy flow management carried out by intelligent power electronic devices balancing both load and power production.

Deployment of Hybrid Smart Mini Grid brings in tangible benefits in the following areas:

  • Increased Reliability - Hybrid Smart Mini Grids increase reliability of electricity supply network through integration of conventional power generation (coal, diesel, gas) and renewable energy sources, power storage, upgraded distribution network, smart switches, automation, smart metering, communication and other advanced technologies.  Hybrid Smart Mini Grids actively control the network to eliminate blackouts for great reliability.

  • Savings- Hybrid Smart Mini Grids' reliability significantly reduces the costs of outages. Local power generation helps to hedge peak power costs, and is typically more efficient. It reduces the distance for energy to travel, i.e. fewer costs from transmission losses, congestion pricing and customer service overhead. Hybrid Smart Mini Grids diminish significant infrastructure improvement costs that are passed on to ratepayers.

  • Revenue - Power generated by local Mini Grids connected to the national grid can supply valuable services in return for payments from the national utility or independent system operator. This includes demand response, real-time price response, voltage support, capacity support, etc. These Mini Grids also set the stage for additional revenues from distributed power generation, plug-in electric vehicles, etc.

  • Reduced carbon footprint -  Hybrid Smart Mini Grids get the most from clean, renewable energy because they have the flexibility needed to use a wider range of energy sources, including those that present a challenge for the current centralized system such as wind and solar PV.
  • Making the grid "Future Proof-  Hybrid Smart Mini Grids are much better positioned than the centralized grid to meet the known and unknown needs of the future, e.g. they allow local communities to increase the overall electricity supply quickly and efficiently through addition of local distributed generation capacity.

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