Smart City

What is a "Smart City" ?

smart city

The term “Smart City” sums up the principle whereby cities use information and communication technology (ICT) to deploy and utilize their resources more smartly, i.e. more intelligently  and  efficiently. A Smart City offers its inhabitants a maximal quality of life with minimal consumption of resources, based on intelligent interconnec-tion of infrastructure (transport, energy, communication etc.) on different hierarchic levels (building, quarters, city).

Our Solution for Smart City Infrastructure:  IoT Software Platform

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Typical Applications of Inernet-of-Things Software Platform

Iot platform connects millions of devices and systems of various manufacturers into one manageable cloud service, allowing to collect and analyse Big Data, and control all connected systems, devices, sensors in real time.


Main Features of IoT Platform

  • Unlimited connectivity, now IoT platform supports > 30 system types including: security systems, communications and IT infrastructure, video and audio signage, information systems, and many more
  • Multi-vendor, with currently > 100 international vendors supported
  • Real-time light-fast operations (>1,5 Mio per second), where others need 10 servers, we need only one
  • Powerful media engine with video analysis modules, transcoding, data scaling
  • Cross-platform (both Unix-based & Windows-based operations), virtual machines support, and cross-database (any vendor of DB)
  • Superb widget-based visualization, both for professional and web-based interfaces
  • Flexible event management engine, for operator-driven issues
  • Powerful analytic engine, based on collected Big Data
  • Easily expandable with a new systems/vendors, new visualization widgets and new functionality based on partner's or client's requests
  • Open API (SOAP/XML) for integration with information systems and applications
  • Available from a cloud (SaaS), saving a lot of money with a ready client-tailored service

Iot main

Choosing IoT Platform as a basis for integrated Smart City solution gives many advantages

  • CAPEX reduction for the entire complex solution due to the opportunity to use a wide range of equipment of different vendors, selecting the best price/quality parameters that fit your project.
  • CAPEX reduction due to SaaS services offered by IoT Platform. There is no need to buy computing servers, data storages, software licenses, and spend money on their maintenance.
  • OPEX reduction due to lifecycle control of all connected equipment and predictive analytics.
  • High efficiency of all operations and all business processes related to infrastructure systems.
  • Effective control for geographically distributed systems.
  • Scalability with fast addition of new components and required functionality.


Intelligent Lighting 

Intelligent light 1


NOVEAL offers a comprehensive range of energy efficient LED lighting systems

ELUM CAM                          Picture1

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The Slovenian company LUMENIA is our strategic technology partner for Intelligent LED-based lighting systems. LUMENIA and its parent company Strip’s have been involved in design and manufacturing in the field of electronics, multisensor and LED technology since 1995. Our cooperation with LUMENIA enables us to be a price-competitive, innovative and flexible partner on the market.
Solar System 

Our Offer for Off-Grid Communities: Solar PV & Battery Powered LED Street Light 


  • System autonomy for up to 30 h
  • Automated switch ON/OFF function
  • Automated settings for dimming levels during the night, according to batteries SOC
  • Remote programming and monitoring
  • Solar panel vertical & horizontal angle adjustment

This system has a battery charger with MTTP function which controls charging and automated dimming protocol. The charger measures each cell of the battery bank, and thus ensures that the battery cells are charged equally. If the batteries are not fully charged during the day, the system calculates and sets the dimming level so that the luminary can maintain the light output for the whole night. There is also an IT application which be used for remote system monitoring, e.g. for checking the SOC of the batteries, the charging current, load current, the temperature inside the battery bank, and also the brightness status.