A world where every man, woman and child has access to clean, sustainable, affordable water and electricity. We know we can’t do that on our own. But we are prepared to do more than our fair share.


We are independent, communityminded and dedicated to providing affordable, sustainable solutions. We are strongly committed to giving something back to developing nations, sharing our knowledge and experience to offer communities the power to transform the quality of people's lives


To serve the needs of local communities in developing countries with innovative and affordable technology solutions to meet their public utilities' needs.

We also aim to work in partnership with local entrepreneurs to help them set up local manufacture of renewable energy solutions that meet local needs. This boosts the local manufacturing base and provides jobs.

About us

Headquartered in Switzerland, Noveal was established in 1974 and by the time the current owners acquired the company in 2007 it had developed a specialisation in LED lighting.
We have been involved in the energy sector in South Africa since 2008, initially active in large-scale projects for LED lighting for industrial and urban applications. We decided to get into electricity generation in 2011. Since then we have established distribution agreements and a network of technology partners to answer the largely unmet need for versatile, small-scale off-grid energy generation. Our aim is to become a world class supplier of renewable energy solutions and energy efficient technologies by bringing together proprietary technology and best-in-class OEM components to provide a full service turnkey utilities platform with the power to transform off-grid communities.

Our story

We always knew that our intelligent, multi-functional LED lighting would find a receptive market in South Africa. We have won many contracts in the public sector particularly because of our ability to create well-lit, more secure public spaces that are cost-effective to run and maintain as well as offering revenue potential.

Our success in lighting made us think about how to generate enough electricity to keep more and more lamps operating throughout the hours of darkness, given the frequency of power outages. That got us thinking about the whole problem of the power deficit and how to overcome it.

Mini-grids using renewable technologies are not a new concept, but it seemed to us there is also a need for a more flexible, even smaller scale solution. Which is when we started researching available technology, then identifying and recruiting partners who share our ambitions.

Today, we are in the position to be an attractive turnkey partner to international renewable energy technology suppliers, financial institutions, local SMEs and the public sector, playing our part in bringing clean, affordable, sustainable energy – and water – to communities that other mini-grids can’t reach.

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